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Skirty Birthday, y0

O.K. I tried for j00, but I warn that I sucketh at Marauders Era, so... it's totally the thought that counts, right?

Sirius loved skirts. The free feeling underneath, knowing that at any moment it could blow up and someone would get an eyeful. He wasn't Scottish, but he thought that those blokes had the right idea. So he wore nothing beneath the plaid woolen fabric of the skirt he'd "borrowed."

A dipilo charm had taken care of the hair. The look on Snape's face as he realized he was eyeing up Sirius's long, pale legs nearly made it worth it. Sirius gave him an extra lascivious wink.

Later, in his room, his tie left indelicately on the door, he straddled a naked James on his bed. Hands rough from Quidditch grazed over his freshly hairless silken thighs, creeping with needy intensity to his waist.

Unbuttoning the skirt with deft fingers, James smirked at Sirius. "You really are a little whore, aren't you? You weren't even wearing anything under this all day. Caused quite a stir, you know." His eye caught on the initials embroidered into the waistband as he tugged the fabric away. L.E.

Before James could say anything further, Sirius was upon him, kissing him deeply as he reached back to tease James's cock, barely pushing him inside of him before pulling back up. He repeated this until James whined and sobbed. Only then, when he was sure that Lily Evans was the furthest thing from James's mind, did he let him inside.
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